Steel Life

Bangladesh at present considered to be one of the most lucrative markets to the  shipbuilding industry for the very obvious reason of its low labor cost. The way the industries are developing in Bangladesh there is no doubt that in near future it is going to be one of the highest contributor in Bangladesh’s  national economy.  Presently 80,000 skilled workers and 150,000 semi skilled workers are employed in shipbuilding with appx. 300 shipyards. All these ship yards are mainly based on two location. One is on the banks of Karnaphuli river in Chittagong and another one is on the banks of Buriganga river in Keraniganj upazila of  Dhaka district.

But very few big name  dockyards aside workers in  most of the dock yards do not have any protection gear necessary for working in these type of heavy industries. They do not have access to medical supports if it becomes necessary.

One can wonder about the power of human will and determination. These workers build ships with their bear hands. From bending the steel plates, to scrapping metal, to weld , to paint every thing is done by hand. Their working condition is very poor.  A huge support industry is growing around all these ship yards. Many of the worker do not have any permanent job. They work on daily basis. So they have to do 2/3 jobs just to earn their living. But they are happy as long as they have a “job” . Despite all these difficulties their life goes on .